Allison Strejlau is a Cartoonist / Illustrator based in New York.

Graduate of The School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Cartooning/Illustration, Allison works as a Guided View Editor at ComiXology in Manhattan, and as a freelance artist on various projects.

Currently working with ComiXology (Guided View Editor/Author), Archie Comics (colorist), NY Image Studio (photo retouching), AboutDiabetes.com (Monthly Comic), and for Egyptology (technical illustration).

I am also working on a new webcomic project called Checkmate, written by Rel.

A list of places where I exist elsewhere on the web:

Twitter: astrejlau

Skype: astrejlau

Portfolio Website: www.allisonstrejlau.com

My Webcomic, FT: www.ftrebirth.com

DeviantART: firecloud.deviantart.com

You can also E-Mail me at firecloud15@gmail.com

Commissions are always open.

Disclaimer: All viewpoints expressed on this website are the opinions of Allison Strejlau alone, and are in no way affiliated with comiXology as a company.

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