I have become so obsessed with tea and adagio, so it only became a matter of time before I created tea blends for these guys. And wow, they are FANTASTIC. Seriously I can’t believe how good they turned out, I know I will definitely be ordering more in the future. Everyone should know how great they are. I highly recommend trying all of them to see for yourself, but here are my reviews:

 Blaine Anderson

When opening the bag you can really smell the incredible amount of depth and smoke in this tea, it really smells like fall. Brewed it is definitely strong with its presence but not in an unpleasant way, in its taste it is mild and deep. In general the cinnamon taste is lovely and the almond compliments it well. With a bit of cream this tea is really incredible. It is mild but has so many earthy tones to it. The cinnamon makes the tea sweet, but with a very small touch of a sweetener like Agave it is absolutely PERFECT and compliments it wonderfully. I have never tasted such a SMOOTH tea. The aftertaste is simply wonderful, you just feel really good after having it. Might be my new favorite cup in the morning.

 Kurt Hummel

Of the three, Kurt is definitely my favorite tea. Wow. First of all it looks extremely beautiful. The smell of the peach is strong and tropical, although I wouldn’t call it fruity, I would say it’s more sharp than anything. It’s there and it will not be ignored! Brewed plain is just…wow, this tea took my breath away. It is strong and sharp and you can really taste the peach and it compliments the chai perfectly. I normally really dislike fruity teas, but I am simply overcome by the taste of this tea. It is not bitter or tart AT ALL and I will say it’s because the cream balances the flavor wonderfully. No additives needed here. It’s simply perfect. I already want to order another pouch because I just know this isn’t going to last, it is delicious. Might need to order the tin!


The smell of this tea is fantastically sweet with a strong chocolate smell while being very deep and warm. Brewed the smell becomes that much more sensational and makes a beautiful and strong black tea. It is very sweet and has a pleasant aftertaste, but I would watch about steeping it too long as chocolate can be tricky in tea. The cream makes this very smooth and none is needed. The cinnamon is heightened with a bit of sweetner like Agave to give a very pleasant and full taste to this tea.

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