sooOOo my lights are already flickering so I might go away for like 3+ days soon hahAH like we were actually working remotely for a while BUT this is really silly. Anyway I got the new script for a cool new comic project just now, and my FT script is all printed out, and I still have to pack…oh crap there go the lights again…umm…yeah so maybe I’ll have something to show for it when this is all over. Stay safe everyone!! Especially to my buddies in danger NYC areas!! love you guys!! we can do this!!! <3 <3 <3

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  1. aura-alora said: Stay safe!
  2. teapirate said: Best of luck with everything! ;o;/
  3. storyofthedoor said: good luck. D8 I hope NY doesn’t get it as bad as everyone’s thinking.
  4. edwinhuang said: stay safe, allison!!
  5. astrejlau posted this
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