PREACH im all for social justice and equal representation but people take it too far. idk if thats what you’re referring to BUT its really a sentiment that solely exists on tumblr thank god
I’m with the both of you on this. Someone did that to me today concerning the canon stories for Sherlock Holmes and I had to delete the message because I didn’t want those stories to be tarnished for me :( It’s not cool.
Yo, I feel you. A lot of my dash is so negative, all the time, about just about anything. All anyone talks about is how problematic everything is, and it’s like no one can just straight up enjoy anything any more. It gets kinda tiring.

yeah idk when the shift happened but ah well everyone i know on here is awesome despite it so it’s fine in the end really <3 <3 <3

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jackalakala said: you’re inspiring as hell and i’m so proud <3 

ahhh thank you sweetheart~<3

squidyjen said: Please ramble more! This was really inspiring to read.

haha thank you! I always feel like such an ass every time I do something like this. I’m glad you are enjoying it!

I’m off to bed now I think, thank you all! xoxoxox night~! <3

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I finally got the chance to visit NYC on Wednesday for a school trip! It was INCREDIBLE, I want to go back so bad. When we passed by SVA, I was like "OMG ALLISON WENT HERE :D" and my friend was just like lolwut, but ack, it was just so cool, I even got to see the Columbus exhibit! My school has these 'Art Buses' that only cost $20 for a day trip, so I'm gonna go back with some friends in the spring. I'm so jealous you got to go to school in that city. It's stunning.

aaAAAAHHH THAT’S AWESOME!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! <3 I always get so excited when people visit who have never been here, it makes me so happy!! Haha yes school was an amazing time to live there and grow, but I find that making a life after school in that city is just as amazing. Somehow I haven’t become jaded yet and I doubt I ever will be…ahhh I’m so happy you had fun! :’D <3 <3 <3

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jackalakala replied to your post: Why the chickens?

haha I didn’t even know this, yet I still associate chickens with you whenever I see them. It’s your ~*thing*~

hahaha right? XD not many people know how it started except my friends from that class, but yeah it’s pretty cool to be thought of like that! Who’da thought! :p <3

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You can probably find a it online, like on mangafox or something, to see if it’s worth it. I personally enjoyed it greatly, and I’m not really into manga all that much anymore.

wow yeah I feel like I’m the only one who’s never heard of this, or maybe I have? I don’t know. Definitely need to read it though, haha, will do~! :p

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jackalakala replied to your post: You need Saint Young Men in your life. You do. You must have it.

I wholeheartedly agree with this anon, Saint Young Men is amazing!

wait is it like ACTUALLY good or actually good or both because my expectations don’t exist except to be buckled over in tears. Because man, I need to conserve my money to buy more tea pay my bills, yanno.

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jackalakala replied to your post: jackalakala replied to your link: lol there are 30…

… maybe…

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jackalakala replied to your link: lol there are 30 of you XD


hahahaha you didn’t realize you had one, did you? XD rofl <3

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jackalakala replied to your photo: If you can decipher my pre-sketches you deserve…

POLO!AU, OMG. (There’s horse pictures~)

lol the thing is, it’s not even AU. It’s canon now that Blaine plays polo, and is apparently good at it. I’m assuming that’s something they must have done over the summer at some point. Whenever I read something like it in a fic I was like “this is silly he’s not THAT rich and stuffy” buuuut welp guess it’s true now! haha :p <3

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jackalakala replied to your photoset: I’m not crying it’s just raining on my face. It’s…


THANK YOU!! ;____; <3 <3 <3 I am just…I mean the response has been really good and I never expected it to be in like magazines and everywhere and and and I just have a lot of emotions about all the things right now. ;____; <3

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Oh my god, it's like you're in my brain. Inking has always been a form of therapy and meditation for me. Whenever I'm inking a drawing, I just get into a peaceful head space that's both concentrated and relaxed. It's like, I feel whole. My entire head and heart are being poured into the lines. You put that into to words so beautifully TTvTT

Yay, thank you! Yes…it’s why I always disliked inking around people, I would just get into this warped timespace where everything was funneling through my hand. If that even makes sense. XD Glad I’m not the only one! I’m sure many feel this way, that is good, it means your heart is in the right place! :) <3

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jackalakala replied to your post: Earlier this week I mentioned in passing to my art teacher that I post some of my drawings online, and for some reason she took offense to this, and said things like my art could be sold without me knowing. I get where she’s coming from, but I don’t think she realizes just how much art there is on the internet and how little attention unknowns like me get. I’m flattered she thinks so highly of my work, but I just don’t see theft as a reason not to post my art. What are your thoughts on this?

She’s in her 50’s, so I think she doesn’t know how the online world works. She’s worried that my stuff will be stolen, like, someone will sell my work or claim it as their own, but like you said, that just shows that people like my stuff.

Yeah, that makes sense then. There are people that have that opinion, but honestly? It’s kind of silly to be so possessive of your work in today’s market. XD;; <3

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Earlier this week I mentioned in passing to my art teacher that I post some of my drawings online, and for some reason she took offense to this, and said things like my art could be sold without me knowing. I get where she's coming from, but I don't think she realizes just how much art there is on the internet and how little attention unknowns like me get. I'm flattered she thinks so highly of my work, but I just don't see theft as a reason not to post my art. What are your thoughts on this?

hmmm this is interesting. How old is your art teacher? Because I don’t think she realizes how important having an online presence is today. It’s hard for me to judge, because my work has been online for over 7 years now, and it’s only led to good things for me. Actually. This is REALLY confusing. Why would someone be against such good exposure??

Donato told me something really interesting, in that you shouldn’t be scared of something like that or online things in general. He always said to give away your work if you can, it makes people remember you better for your kindness. Any information: your real name, your phone number, your address; it isn’t as precious as you think, and posting it online and being open about it will only lead to more job opportunities and allow possible clients to contact you easier. He said to ALWAYS put all of this information on your emails and websites, and since I followed his advice, it has already led to more opportunities.

I honestly don’t know where your art teacher is coming from. Maybe in the past this was wrong, but now it is completely acceptable. The market is different. people will pay for prints and originals and commissions. Having an online presence is essential to that. I think letting people get to know you is just as important as showing your work. I feel like when someone is purchasing your work in any form they are making a statement that they enjoy YOU and what YOU do and will support YOU. I don’t think there are any negatives to posting work online and getting to know people. In most cases, if people do print out your work to put on their wall or whatever, or even steal it, then that is only a reminder that they enjoy you and that there are people that will support what you do.

Wow that was long. I’m sorry! I hope that was interesting and thought-provoking in any case, those are my thoughts on the matter. Thank you for giving me something to think about, love~!! :D <3 <3 <3

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Allison, I want to follow some more artsy blogs, what are your favorites? :)

jackalakala, msalaniusramblings, umm…everyone else mainly only posts their art once every few months or weeks, even though I follow all their personal reblog sites too, but yeah none post very frequently and varied as these do. I really enjoy their blogs and I’m happy I got to know them a bit, I like these guys a lot! <3 But yeah I guess check out the blog who I’m reblogging things from you find interesting, because they’re all awesome. <3

I follow a LOT of artists, I mean I’d have to give you everyone haha. Basically all of the people I follow in general are artists. Even in glee, the only blogs I follow are the artists, unless I’ve talked with the person who runs the blog and they’re cool, yeah then I’ll follow. (even then they’d be talented gif artists or something haha) Which is amazing because that means my dash is never really clogged with angst or boring things lol, I wish everyone followed the people I do. They’re great. <3

um. I’m sorry I’m rambling now I’m trying to think…I don’t follow any ‘general’ blogs because if I don’t know the person behind it in some way I usually unfollow. :\ but check out the illustration tag, I hear fyeahillustrativeart or something is good?? but I don’t follow blogs like that. :p hope that helps? haha sorry I’m still flailing a bit from yesterday can’t coherent. XD;;; ILU~~~<3 <3 <3

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Whenever I see your art get a lot of notes, I flail a bit~


LOL I’M KIND OF SHAKING AND CRYING RIGHT NOW NOT GONNA LIE. I’m a mess, I just can’t believe it. XDDD like…oh my god. I usually get no more than 4 hahahaa I’m literally in shock that people are liking my doodles so much haha omg…O____O;;; <3 <3 <3

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